The Gecko Cake
The Lizard Hunt
Optional Bug Box
A Chameleon Castle Birthday Party is a new and exciting
way to celebrate anybody's (ages 5 and up) birthday. We
do not have a set location, instead we come to your
location (some restrictions apply.) A basic party consists
of a custom lizard cake, a gift bag full of reptile related
presents for the celebrated individual, and about 1 hour of
This custom Gecko Cake from The Cakery is available
only through The Chameleon Castle
Entertainment: Fun and Educational. We bring
six lizards for the children to pet and sometimes
feed. As Taming Tab walks around with each
lizard I, Jungle Joe, explain a little about their
natural habitat, how to care for them in captivity,
and I ask questions and give away prizes. The
adults are encouraged to participate too. After the
show we all wash our hands and then go outside
for a lizard hunt! It's like an Easter Egg hunt
except its plastic lizards, snakes, frogs, and turtles.
The kids love it!
Pricing: A basic party which includes The Cake, the gift bag, and
entertainment for 10 children is only $125. Extra children are only
$3 each. Optional "Goody Bags" (containing small toys; but no
candy) are $3 each. Optional "Bug Boxes" for The Lizard Hunt
are only $2 each.
We do not sell lizards. So there won't be a "seventh lizard" and pressure to purchase it. All our
lizards go back home with us.

Let us know the maximum number of children that might attend. We would really feel bad if we
didn't have enough prizes for all the children. If you invite twenty and only 13 show up, you only pay
for the 13.

Important Information
Location Restrictions: We cannot perform at food service establishments or Chehaw.
Hand Washing and Salmonella: It is good practice to wash your hands after handling any animal.
You can contract poison ivy from dogs, ringworm from cats, and salmonella from reptiles. We
practice excellent hygiene so the risk of contamination is very low.
Read more about reptiles and salmonella.