The Story of the Chameleon Castle
We each had lizards as pets when we were young. When we met it was a match made in a terrarium. We started
buying each other exotic lizards as gifts when we were dating and when we married our collection exceeded all the
pet stores in Albany combined. We decided to expand our hobby to breeding with the dream of making money on
this otherwise expensive hobby. Much to our dismay we found few people that knew the difference between an
Iguana and a Tegu much less anyone worthy of owning any of our "babies." We decided to educate the masses
and stop people from using "iguana" as a synonym for lizard.
After a few free shows at our church and a local elementary school we came up with the unique idea of a Lizard
Birthday Party. Hence the Chameleon Castle Educational Shows was born.
Now its 2007 and we finally have a website. We have been doing parties, schools, libraries, and corporate events
for ten years. We don't sell lizards, and we don't have any snakes. Our lizards live in a spare bedroom in our
modest home so it's not really open for tours. The Chameleon Castle is a traveling show, we come to you.
Thank you for coming to our website. We plan on updating it regularly so drop by often.
By the way, we do chicken shows too! Check out the Poultry Palace Trained Chicken Eggzibit!
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